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A whole body experience.

Let's talk about fatigue! What is fatigue? What can cause fatigue? And what you can do about it?

For a long time fatigue has been associated with psychological causes or serious life-threatening diseases. If you are suffering from fatigue and are now panicking, take a breath. Not all causes of fatigue are life-threatening. Can fatigue be caused by stress, emotional upheaval, depression, or boredom. Sure, but there is more to fatigue.

Fatigue is a common symptom in numerous conditions.

Fatigue is in essence exhaustion, where your body feels heavy, your brain is clouded, and you have zero energy.

We can also have muscle fatigue, where our muscles feel weak, this could be caused from a cold/flu or over-taxing the muscles during a work-out.

More people suffer from fatigue than you might think, it is one of the first symptoms of any imbalance in your body. Often many people ignore the symptom because it does not seem like a symptom. You might write it off as just being tired. However, there is a difference between being tired for a day because lack of sleep or stress and being exhausted over the course of weeks.

If you are exhibiting fatigue and it persists for days into weeks then you should see your doctor about potential causes. You might be exhibiting other symptoms for an underlying illness that you did not realize.

Fatigue can be a sign of thyroid issues, leaky gut, histamine intolerance, and almost every autoimmune disease out there!

Fatigue can also be a symptom of more serious illnesses, such as heart disease.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, don't write it off as just being tired, see your doctor about the possible reasons. Fatigue should not be overlooked!

Often with the right diet and exercise fatigue can be alleviated. If your fatigue is in conjuncture with histamine intolerance, leaky gut, or autoimmune diseases, changing your diet can make a huge difference. Your gut is the first line of defense for the internal body. There are several articles out there detailing the brain/gut relationship. More than simple digestion occurs in the gut. Nutrients are absorbed, hormones are released, and toxins are filtered out. If there is a disruption to the processes, the entire body will feel the consequences.

For example, if you suffer from leaky gut, then there are holes in your digestive tract, these holes allow for food particles, toxins, and bad bacteria to 'leak' out and cause inflammation. When our body is inflamed, our body reacts to balance the problem, by attacking whatever is causing the issue. Your body puts effort into solving the problem, drawing its energy away from other systems and your body is on constant alert, causing fatigue.

Diet can help heal leaky gut, histamine intolerance, and autoimmune diseases so your body is no longer on high alert from foreign bodies and allergies.

A local Naturopath can help determine which course of treatment is good for you. There are natural remedies to help kill off bad bacteria that is wreaking havoc in your system and supplements to take to reintroduce healthy gut flora and make sure your body is absorbing the proper nutrients.

When your body is in balance then your fatigue will subside. Maybe not right away, but give it time. Give your body the time it needs to heal.

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