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Meridian Spirit

700-Certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Barre Instructor, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach


Meg started Meridian Spirit, LLC with the dream in mind to help those become aware of their body​. After practicing yoga and pilates close to 10 years, Meg made the decision to take her personal practice to the next level and help others on their yoga journey. She began as a yoga instructor in 2020 and has gradually become certified in pilates, spin, barre, personal training, corrective exercise, and nutrition coaching. 


Meg envisions Meridian Spirit to offer holistic and low-impact approaches to achieve greater health and wellness. Because of her personal battle with Autoimmune Diseases, Meg believes strongly in listening to one's body to discover the source of pain and applying holistic approaches to heal. These approaches are especially good for those with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and injuries. However, Meg's instruction and techniques are applicable for everyone to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Meridian Spirit aims to help people discover their health and fitness goals. Help them with becoming aware of the mind/body connection in order to give them the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of classes or personal training. 


“From our childhood onward we are taught to examine and verify the objects of the world. This system of education makes the mind flow outward. But yoga psychology makes us aware of ourselves on all levels and finally helps us in becoming established in our essential nature, which is peace, happiness, and bliss. Meditation is a systematic inward method which helps us in knowing all levels and ultimately the center of consciousness itself.” -Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas


Dear Health Enthusiasts,

Every day I wake up, enjoy my coffee, and create new class plans, schedules, and events to better serve you. I am more than a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga Instructor, or a Group Class Instructor. I am all of these things, aiming to help others gain awareness in not just the body, but in the mind.

My goal through my numerous certifications, from Mindful Eating and Nutrition to Barre, is to give my clients the motivation and confidence to succeed in their own fitness journey. I am a Mind/Body Wellness Coach! I want to see my client succeed in feeling better, more centered, and achieve their health and fitness goals.

This is my promise to continue to find the best plan for each individual, to challenge in classes, and provide more than physical fitness instruction, but tools to help my clients maintain mindfulness, awareness, and confidence.

Sincerely, Meg

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“I've been going to Meg's yoga classes and doing one on one training. I love how each class she has a different yogic theme she focuses on so that you can not only workout your body but your soul. One on ones are full of great information. Meg exels at teaching proper technique and putting effective workouts together that will reveal muscles you didn't even know you had. She's also a ton of fun to be around.”
Pink Lotus Flower

Mary Barry

“After every yoga session with Meg I feel so rejuvenated, not only physically but mentally. I find myself looking forward to the end of the week so I can go to her sessions. She has such a bright personality and a passion for her craft.”

Madigan Shaw

“Meg is a dynamic and motivating teacher. She is able to adjust her classes to all levels of participants and make classes fun. Great music, I highly recommend!.”

Stephanie Maddox

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